VTURCS Research Activities

VTURCS sponsors undergraduate student travel to conferences and similar events. Generally, students must be participating in the conference in some way (by presenting a paper or poster, etc) to be eligible for support, though other cases will be considered. To apply for support, email vturcs@cs.vt.edu and include the name of the conference or event, a brief explanation of why you want to attend, and the name of your faculty advisor.

The first VTURCS sponsored trip was for David Wrighton and Dillon Bussert to present their work titled "Lessons Learned in Creating Real World Interfaces" at the Ubiquitous Computing (UBICOMP) conference in Atlanta, GA. Their advisor for the project is Scott McCrickard. Because they had a poster and demo at the conference, their trip was paid for by VTURCS and Microsoft. David is now working at Microsoft, and Dillon is a graduate student in the MS program at Virginia Tech. All together, VTURCS has helped to send over 20 students to regional, national, and international co nferences and meetings.

Other venues that have included VTURCS student papers are ACM's CSCW and CADUI conferences, IFIP's INTERACT conference, SERP, CISST, CADUI, the HFES annual meeting, and others. In addition, VTURCS sponsored a trip to the University of Maryland HCI Lab Symposium and Open House, where undergrads Michael Richmond and Michael Shore were asked to author a trip report for the ACM SIGCHI Bulletin.