Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

Where do I find the forms needed to register a student for Independent Study?
You can find the forms at the Engineering College of Engineering site.
Can a graduate student provide projects for VTURCS?
Yes and No. Only faculty members can be Project Advisors. However, a graduate student can be the Research Supervisor, so in agreement with his or her advisor, the graduate student can propose a project and become the supervisor.
Where can I read the administrivia about Independent Study or Undergraduate Research?
The Academic Undergraduate Catalog has information on this topic. The appropriate section of the catelog is linked here: Field Study, Independent Study, Special Study, & Undergraduate Research.
How do I edit a project that I had already created?
Simply log into the project management section with your faculty PID & password and select the edit icon from your list of projects.
How do I delete a project that I had already created?
From the project management section, select the delete icon that corresponds with the project you wish to delete.
How can I add a picture of me?
Currently, there is no easy way to add a new picture to your profile, but you can email a 50x75 picture to and we will add the picture for you.
What if I forgot the password?
Under the administration system all you need is your Virginia Tech PID, so this should no longer be an issue.
Can I select more than one research area for a project?
Yes, you can select as many research areas for each project as you would like.
How do I add a research area to the list of research areas?
For now, send us an email requesting the new area to be added. We'll add the area to the database and send you an email notifying you. You can then edit your project to include the new research area.
What if I need people to edit my projects but I do not wish to supply them with my credentials?
Email us with the valid Virginia Tech PID of the person you wish to allow access to your research projects and their name will be added to an exclusion list which will allow them access.