Frequently Asked Questions for Students

What do I need to prepare to be included in the Spring Research Symposium?
You need to prepare an abstract and a poster. The instructions for submitting these change from year to year. Check our home page for instructions for a particular year.
Can you give us an example of an abstract?
You can use this abstract as an example. But be sure to check with your faculty advisor for tips about research abstracts in your area.
What are the guidelines for the poster?
The poster guidelines are available here. Note that the CS department will print the posters for VTURCS but will not mount them. Furthermore, you must follow the guidelines or your poster will not be printed.
What if I worked on a cool project on my own and will like to submit it to VTURCS?
You need an advisor to submit a project to VTURCS. If you want to, talk to one of your undergraduate professors to see if someone can sponsor you. But do this before the deadline approaches, do not leave it for the last minute.
I can't find a project I like, but I want to do research in the CS department. What do I do?
Take a look at Computer Science Faculty . If you see any faculty with interesting research areas, try to set up a meeting to discuss the possibility of doing independent study or research with them.
Can I work on one of these projects and get credit for it?
Yes, undergraduates can participate in projects for credits by registering in CS 4974 or CS 4994. However, you must consult your Academic Advisor and the Project's Faculty Advisor or Research Supervisor before you register for the course.
Can I used a VTURCS project as a capstone project?
Yes, participation on a VTURCS project could be used as your capstone project for CS majors. You and your project advisor need to make sure your project description includes three elements: work on an open-ended problem, produce some written AND oral deliverable, and involve group work somehow.
Where do I find the forms and requirements needed to register for Independent Study or Undergrad Research?
You can find the forms at the Engineering College of Engineering site. They also list the requirements necessary for signing up for an IS/UR, which change occasionally. It is wise (and required) to talk with your CS academic advisor about whether an IS/UR is right for you!
Who is behind the email? Who is running this program?
The VTURCS came out of the idea of having undergraduates exposed to research before they leave Virginia Tech. Our goal is to encourage them to go on to graduate school. Dr. Scott McCrickard and Dr. Manuel A. Pérez both had experiences with projects like these at other institutions, so they started a program at Virginia Tech in 2000. Dr. Eli Tilevich and Ms. Libby Bradford help out with the program as well. Microsoft graciously offered initial support to start the program, which is now supported by the CS Department's CSRC.
Is this web system case sensitive for searches?
No, when searching, lower and upper case are treated the same.